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Kuwait Lifted Ban Over Visas for Pakistan and Promised to Launch Easy Visa Policy

After an on-going ban on visas for Pakistani people, Kuwait has lastly removed limitation after an extended time of 6 years, a state-run information organization split the information last night. The cutting-edge came after the Primary Reverend, Nawaz Sharif frequented his Kuwaiti version, Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah on Wednesday at the […]

Women Empowerment in Pakistan Is Good but We Need Best

In all cultures, women have been playing their part to assist themselves and their family members. Since the beginning, woman has been participated in growth and development of community they are living. While talking about women empowerment in Pakistan, common perception is that this trend benefits females only. Whereas, the recipients of women empowerment are […]

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Imran Khan Criticized Over Calling Foreign Cricket Players ‘Phateechar’  

Pakistan is known for its hospitality throughout the world. In many areas even when an opponent comes as a visitor he is well known and handled nicely. But something that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) primary Imran Khan said in a press meeting that is being belittled by Pakistanis all around the entire world. Video of Imran […]

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Chinese Ambassador Announced 13,000 Job Openings For Pakistanis – CPEC JOBS

Projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are shifting before routine and so far these techniques have produced 13,000 regional Projects, China’s Ambassador to Islamabad Sun Weidong informed media people declaring huge working capacity for people as CPEC jobs. Developments with regards to CPEC happening quickly and both nations lately created minimal improvements to the […]

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PSL Tickets A Game Tickets or Politics??? PSL Tickets Controversy

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a platform created by Pakistan Cricket Board for sports fanatics who want to witness their favorite players in action! However, the very same cricket lovers are now furious with the PSL tournament because of PSL Tickets. PSL- A GAME FOR ELITES? Pakistanis eagerly awaited the final decision of whether the […]

Google Paying Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi on His 89th Birthday

Top Search engine Google paid an honor to Abdul Sattar Edhi onTuesday with its Doodle representing him with his Edhi emergency vehicle, a mother with two children, medical center house, pet dog and a book. Google shown the the picture on its home page in various countries, such as Australia. The Google recognized Edhi in […]

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

  Jimmy Kimmel stabbed Donald Trump at the Oscar Awards 2017 ceremony in his starting conversation, saying thanks to Obama: “Remember a season ago when it seemed like the Academic Awards was racist?” In a self-effacing and sarcasm-laden conversation, Kimmel, who was hosting the ceremony for the first time, began by saying how he’d learned he […]


The Alarming Situation – Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan Divided in to Pieces

Today when I woke up, I planned that, I will write something about how to improve the technical skills in Pakistan and how to give a boost to entrepreneurship in Pakistan. But as usual, I logged in to Facebook and start scrolling down and came across a video, After watching this video, I asked myself […]

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After Lahore Bomb Blast Indian Hackers Took Lahore’s District Government’s website

Following the alleged hacking of Indian home ministry’s website by Pakistani hackers yesterday, Indian hackers have struck back by taking control of Lahore’s District Government’s website and defacing it. Lahore Government’s website, www.lahore.gop.pk, has been defaced by Indian hackers who claim to be taking revenge against Pakistani hackers for hacking Indian websites. Here’s a snapshot […]

ARY Channel and Network Shut Down in UK

UK’s broadcast and communications regulatory authority, Ofcom (UK’s version of PEMRA), has shutdown 6 of ARY channel and network after revoking their licenses. According to the official statement by Ofcom, all 6 licenses of ARY Network Limited have been revoked and the network is in liquidation. Ofcom’s decision to revoke the licenses was based upon […]