Jana Tha Karachi, Pohanchey Muscat: Another Blunder by PIA

PIA does it once again! The airlines once again managed to ridicule itself on the social media, after the devastating crash of flight PK661 carrying 47 innocents lives, including singer-turned-scholar, Junaid Jamshed, PIA makes the headlines once again. This time, the fleet successfully managed to fly an aircraft which was supposed to go from Lahore […]

Joanna Palani

Joanna Palani – A Woman who had Most feared ISIS

  Meet Joanna Palani. A Danish citizen with Kurdish roots. She was a student of politics and philosophy in Denmark when she left everything and joined the Kurdish forces to fight against the notorious self-styled Islamic State in Iraq and Syria called ISIS. For one year she took part in fierce battles on Iraqi and […]

The Senate Approved 5000 Rs Note’s Demonetization

  Pakistan has decided to follow the footsteps of its next-door neighbor after the voice of the people reached the government and its members, the Senate has passed a resolution on Monday, 19th December, calling for the withdrawal of the Rs. 5,000 notes from circulation.   According to the resolution, which was moved by Senator […]

russian ambassador in turkey

Who Killed Russian Ambassador in Turkey? And Why? An Untold Story

Well, if you have not recognized the solutions to those questions by now, then I am sorry to notify you that you have not been paying enough attention to what is being conducted in the Center Eastern first and foremost, what is about to happen on the globe. And mind you, before you leap in […]

coas qamar bajwa

Official Social Media Accounts of COAS Qamar Bajwa

Social media is no more youngster’s area of communication. Almost every celebrity local or international is can be observed on social media. It is something that everyone possesses. We cant deny that social media has influenced every single person now days but the country Pakistan and people living in it are not much interested in […]

Biggest Achievements of Gen. Raheel Sharif in his tenure

Gen. Raheel Sharif is by far the most favored and reliable military formal of Pakistan. He was born in Quetta to a Rajput members of the family. Raheel Sharif is the son of (late) Maj. Rana Muhammad Sharif, who belongs to a town in Gujrat named Kunjah. Raheel Sharif offers exceptional bravery and bravery due […]

10 Pakistani Politicians & Their Educational Qualifications

  Pakistani Politicians are always being trolled over minimum qualification holders. Majority politicians belongs to feudal class that actually never care about taking education due to heavy and lucrative financial assets. Even Pakistani nation is bound to elect uneducated MNAs and MPAs that may not support or develop Pakistan. Low qualification Pakistani Politicians is a […]

Kumail Nanjiani harassed by donald trump followers

Pakistani American Actor Harassed by Donald Trump Followers

Pakistani American actor Kumail Nanjiani was recently harassed by who he says were Donald Trump supporters, in California in the US. He was born in Karachi and then moved to the US when he turned 18. He is a popular stand-up comedian and actor and has been part of some much lauded projects, including The […]

donald trump claimed to be pakistani

Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan: False Claim by a Local News Channel

Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America and the whole world lost its chill. There was an uproar on social media regarding Trump’s victory and amidst all the frenzy, a local news channel broadcasted a prime-time report that the newly elected American president was born in Pakistan.   Neo News took […]

Orange is New Black – Fun Memes on US Election Results to Relief Stress

Seemingly, Donald Trump is all set to be the new president of the United States of America.  The whole world is in shock as Hilary Clinton is being badly defeated by her rival, Donald Trump according to US Election results. Of course, social media is not happy with the results and is having a field day. […]