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White House Official Revealed Why Did the U.S. Military Used MOAB in Afghanistan?

The U.S. military’s announcement that it dropped the “mother of all bombs,” one of the largest non-nuclear devices, against an ISIS facility in Afghanistan comes despite the U.S. assessment that only about 700 ISIS fighters remain in the country. It’s the first time the bomb has been used on the battlefield. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance […]

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America Bombed Syria to Teach Not to Bomb Anyone – Shameful American Politics

America lost war in Syria after successfully destroying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. This was first win of Russia in post-Cold War era. Russia not only failed American attempt to dislodge Bashar Ul Asad but even led the peace process bringing onboard Turkey, Iran and Syria. Frustration of America was visible to lose complete control in […]

US Citizen are Against US – Israel Friendship

Poll Revealed 46% US Citizen are Against US – Israel Friendship

The number of Americans who support imposing sanctions on Israel over its defiant settlement policies has shot up to 46 percent, the same percentage of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election. What Trump’s new UN envoy could mean for Israel-Palestine By Samer Badawi | November 24, 2016 Senior Israeli minister: Make […]

Pakistan Day Parade 2017

Best Highlights of Pakistan Day Parade 2017 – Video

The 78th Pakistan Day is being celebrated nationwide today with traditional zeal and fervor. The day dawned with 31 gun salutes in the federal capital and 21 gun salutes in the provincial metropoles, followed by a joint parade of all three forces of the military: Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force, at Shakarparian Parade Avenue […]


Slang Words Against PM Declared Cyber Crime – No Go Ganjay Go, Go Nawaz Go Allowed

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Government Reverend for Infomation, declared slang language and slang slogans against PM Nawaz Sharif on social media as cybercrime. While talking to media in Islamabad, Marriyum said, if anyone start or run any campaign against Prime Minster Namwaz Sharif and his family, he would be charged according to cybercrime rules and regulations. […]

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The Journalist That Recorded PHTEECHAR Clip Receiving Life Threats

Last Monday March 6, 2017, I along with other members of the Press Association of Supreme Court (PAS) visited Bani Gala on the invitation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan. Imran associated with his press experts, discussed on several issues such as Panamagate, the Selection Percentage of Pakistan, and the planning for the next […]

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Kuwait Lifted Ban Over Visas for Pakistan and Promised to Launch Easy Visa Policy

After an on-going ban on visas for Pakistani people, Kuwait has lastly removed limitation after an extended time of 6 years, a state-run information organization split the information last night. The cutting-edge came after the Primary Reverend, Nawaz Sharif frequented his Kuwaiti version, Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah on Wednesday at the […]


Women Empowerment in Pakistan Is Good but We Need Best

In all cultures, women have been playing their part to assist themselves and their family members. Since the beginning, woman has been participated in growth and development of community they are living. While talking about women empowerment in Pakistan, common perception is that this trend benefits females only. Whereas, the recipients of women empowerment are […]

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Imran Khan Criticized Over Calling Foreign Cricket Players ‘Phateechar’  

Pakistan is known for its hospitality throughout the world. In many areas even when an opponent comes as a visitor he is well known and handled nicely. But something that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) primary Imran Khan said in a press meeting that is being belittled by Pakistanis all around the entire world. Video of Imran […]

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Chinese Ambassador Announced 13,000 Job Openings For Pakistanis – CPEC JOBS

Projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are shifting before routine and so far these techniques have produced 13,000 regional Projects, China’s Ambassador to Islamabad Sun Weidong informed media people declaring huge working capacity for people as CPEC jobs. Developments with regards to CPEC happening quickly and both nations lately created minimal improvements to the […]