How to make DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses has truly boosted the concept of 3D vision. They have extremely been used globally and have induced high demands in Pakistan. The technology sights towards virtual reality are so advance that, you can now paint crafts and drawings through virtual reality. These virtual reality devices are often consisted upon glasses, famously known […]

how to play google doodle

How to Play Google Doodle Halloween 2016

GOOGLE Doodle is celebrating Halloween with a new browser game to get you in the spooktacular spirit. The search engine has created a magical academy filled with ghosts and ghouls ready to attack. The latest Google Doodle is a Halloween special featuring a magic cat It features a very special magic cat and the aim […]

Apps that Gives Free Mobile Credit in Pakistan

Majority of mobile phone users in Pakistan use prepaid service packages. Which means that sooner or later you run out of credit and need to recharge, either through a prepaid card from your particular service provider or through a topup service commonly known as “easy load”. Free Mobile Credit in Pakistan What if there was […]

Danger in Smartphones – What’s the Harm in Devices You Use Every Day?

The chances are high you’re reading excellent on your smart phone or tablet and, indeed, many individuals around the world have at least one of these gadgets that they use more than desktop computers, laptop computers, and so on. When good information of booming New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones broke the internet, both […]