nike hijab for women woopse

Nike Launched Pro-Hijab for Muslims Athletes

Nike is all set to produce the “Pro-Hijab” for women Islamic sportswomen who also wear the traditional headscarf. The “Pro-Hijab” is planned to be released in Spring 2018. Islamic Female sportsmen have already run in the Olympic games dressed in hijabs before and this has stimulated the world to recognize the need for hijabs in […]

Vivo V5 Plus

Vivo V5 Plus Smartphone Features, Most Affordable Camera Phone

Ahead of the smartphone’s a new innovation launched recently, Vivo has officially unveiled Vivo V5 Plus smartphone and the biggest highlight of the device, as already expected, is its front-facing dual camera setup. The company has further introduced a lower-spaced version of the V5 smartphone in the form of V5 Lite. Interestingly, V5 Plus was […]