Nike Launched Pro-Hijab for Muslims Athletes

Nike is all set to produce the “Pro-Hijab” for women Islamic sportswomen who also wear the traditional headscarf.

The “Pro-Hijab” is planned to be released in Spring 2018. Islamic Female sportsmen have already run in the Olympic games dressed in hijabs before and this has stimulated the world to recognize the need for hijabs in sports wear too.

nike hijab for women woopse

Sarah Attar finished the 800m at the London Olympic games dressed in a hijab, and before that Bahraini runner, Ruaya al-Ghasra finished a competition during the Athens Olympic games 2004 and then the China Olympic games in 2008 with a hijab.


The Nike “Pro-Hijab” has come about as as a result of of Islamic women sportsmen informing Nike that they need a hijab that would help them perform better.

nike hijab for women woopse

When Nike first decided to design and make the Nike “Pro-Hijab” for its women Islamic users, they had to look at the fact that the hijab was not the only purpose why Islamic women were reluctant to get involved in sports.

Muslim women dressed in the hijab while competitive in sports has been a fiercely competitive issue for a long time. Hijabs are often omitted by wearing federations when deciding sports wear for the participants. This is also precisely why Islamic women are not seen on the international wearing systems too much.

Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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