Oye Nawaz – Imran Khan celebrating Youm e Tashakur meanwhile people are just…..

It started with OYE NAWAZ and ended on YOUM E TASHAKUR. Imran Khan the PTI leader broke many hearts. After cancellation of Lock Down Dharna in Islamabad this is how people reacting:

Students and Kids

Innocent students who were actually approaching new PSP games are now doing their school home works. They were expecting to enjoy revolution of Naya Pakistan by playing cricket in streets, by playing PSP games. Visiting best cousin’s house.

lock down dharna imran khan

Seeing new masala dar videos on social media. Asking tuition wali baji to give an off too. But Imran Khan jus ruined all innocent plans



The clever fox was so much ready and prepared to capture high political alerts. Fire opening speeches were delivered to all anchors for more destructive media presentation.

imran khan lock down dharna

Animations and graphics were ready and scheduled. The more SANSANI was almost ready to be on aired but….

Sheikh Rasheed:

After presenting the dramatic entry at Committee Chock dharna, Mr Sheikh Rasheed was fully prepared to make another exclusive stunt to shock and rock Pakistan.

imran khan dharna sheikh rasheed reaction

After hearing cancelation of lock down dharna, Sheikh Saab stored all cigars he was intended smoke during dharna

Tahir ul Qadri:

Tahir ul Qadri is very much upset on this act of Imran Khan.


He was not only fully prepared but also had planned when to show harmonic friendship and collaboration with PTI and when they will leave Dharna and make their own path.

PMLN Ministers:

We may think Noon Ministers are happy on this cancellation as this may categorize result of their efforts. But in reality ministers of PLMN so called Darbari of Nawaz Sharif are much upset. They wanted to get more media attentions by calling Imran Khan Bhangi, Charsi and Heroinchi.


Many of them have prepared new and versatile Jugats needed to be delivered at the time of dharna and main of them were consisted on people’s strength collected at Dharna spot.

The crane drivers:

The crane drivers and operators who wanted to experience real time war situation are much upset. They wanted to exhaust their anger by dropping container on any nearby Gamla and enjoy reactions from PMLN PTI and above all Media.

PTI Supporters:


While Imran Khan is still at Jalsa organized at parade ground in Islamabad with leftover PTI supporters, many Jiyaley are confused, thinking why they are celebrating Youm e Tashkur


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