Pakistani Fashion Dresses that Pakistani Guys Can’t Wear

For last 5 to 10 years the trend of wearing designer dresses. It started among young girls and soon boys’ aunties and uncles get into this fire. Wearing a designer dress is something become very important especially on especial occasion.  Personally feel one should wear something that it he or she can carry easily and what suits on him or her. People often forget this formula and get what they like or that has impressed them after been worn by some other person.

The rapid and immense demand of fashion designers has made every common person a designer. I myself know some people who were free in unproductive in life but now has been turned out as dress designers. These FA pass designers are designing something that normal guys can’t wear but got huge popularity. Not for being very elegant or stylish but for being really funny, just have a look:

Pakistani Fashion Dresses RIP:

The funk colored shoes

Pakistani Fashion Dresses that Pakistani Guys Can’t Wear

These colored shoes are not for office going guys, not allowed to wear at school college and often in universities. These cant be choice of a businessman. A mentally normal person will not opt such colorful shoes for official parties and other occasions.

The Arabian Thowb:


Yeah I know many Paki guys living in middle east and Saudi Arabia these thowbs are perfect for them. But guys in Pakistan cannot have these long Pakistani fashion dresses in their routine life.

The Cow Boy:


Cow boys often found in movies only. so there is no chance of such getup to be taken in Pakistan. I even critique this bike as bike lover.


These overalls although remind me of my childhood but nothing really moved me much. These overalls are either for kids or uncles but not for guys at least.


can you even imagine a guy from Faisalabad or Sibi wearing these american long coats. I guess you cant even I cant.

Long Boots:


These long boots can be a yahoodi sazish for ruining Pakistani fashion dresses for gents.

The Bow Tie:


This is something I like but cant opt not to be called as waiter at weddings or occasions.

Sleeveless Shirts:


It is believed that fashion should be introduced for everyone. These color shirts are only be worn by teenagers or muscular guys with less ratio.

Tight colored pants:


This pant style is not for normal people.

Shorts or Under-wears:


The designer actually called these pieces sports shorts but i personally feel they are better to be use as underpants.

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