The Senate Approved 5000 Rs Note’s Demonetization


Pakistan has decided to follow the footsteps of its next-door neighbor after the voice of the people reached the government and its members, the Senate has passed a resolution on Monday, 19th December, calling for the withdrawal of the Rs. 5,000 notes from circulation.


According to the resolution, which was moved by Senator Osman Saifullah Khan of the opposition Pakistan People Party, the government has been called upon to demonize the larger denominations. The reason being “in order to reduce illicit money flow, encourage the use of bank accounts and reduce the size of undocumented economy”.


5000 rs note demonetization in Pakistan


Senator Khan also added that most illegal transactions are carried out using the Rs. 5,000 note. He added that the Pakistani government should follow the footsteps of the Indian government, but should take measure to avoid the distress caused by the sudden change in events.


However, Federal Minister for Law and Justice Senator Zahid Hamid is against the passing of the resolution. He added to his claim that around 3.43 trillion Rs. 5,000 bank notes were currently in circulation in Pakistan and about 30 percent of the total currency in circulation comprises of these notes.


Even though the resolution has passed, we are yet to see if the outcome of this move will be fruitful for Pakistanis.



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