Sheikh Rasheed once again led himself Trolled over Acting as Rapper

There is no surprise that people love Sheikh Rasheed, are you surprised??? Yes, I am talking about workers of Lal Haweli, they love Sheikh Rasheed so much but after that dramatic entry of Sheikh Saab and that cigar ‘suta’ on DNC media van has created my laughter. Might this act of Sheikh Saab be done to impress youth or showing solitary with politics and nation but this was literally a flop drama.

This is not the surprising thing Sheikh Rasheed has done yesterday but at the recent jalsa of PTI people have seen Sheikh Saab in a very rocking mood. Beside the high flame speech in favor of GO Nawaz GO and against federal government he posed some rocking expressions that led him once again at trolling.

In sight of politics Sheikh Rasheed seems to be in favor of what Imran Khan wants to be collaborated. But everyone knows Sheikh Saab cannot ever get that much supporters and he only utilizes the immense supporters of Imran Khan at jalsas.

The recent activities of all time bachelor Sheikh Saab are done to engage and grab attention of tv and media towards him. In these kind of efforts, he also tries to engage crowd by his trolling acts.

sheikh rasheed

The PTI jalsa last night might have been many things but a dead-end for memes. The internet struck gold when photos of the most eligible bachelor in Pakistan surfaced on the internet.

Sheikh Rasheed got a little too excited while addressing the crowd.

And as expected, the internet pounced on the treasure chest. Here are few tweets that shows people actually enjoying Sheikh Rasheed:

It was as if Eminem’s soul possessed Sheikh Rasheed.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Rasheed will just take selfies with his cat and watch the world burn:


Kon kehta hai mout se dar jaon ga

mai to pindi boy hon cut mar k nikal jon ga


Can you think of any more rap lyrics for the photos?

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