Superheroes are Dedicated to Desi Celebrities, Find out Arshad Khan as Spiderman

Everybody loves a good story around a benevolent superheroes saving the world, one episode at a time. Growing up, whether you were a die-hard Marvel fan or believed in the creative superiority of DC comics, a fictional character with superhuman powers, regular human by day and vigilante by night was just your cuppa’ tea.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if some of our more popular Hollywood superheroes were played by none other than our Desi celebrities? Am sure you never had done with this idea. But wait!

I have found something which shows you what I am talking about. An anonymous guy found morphed desi celebrities into international super heroes. The funniest yet interesting thing about these modifications is the creator has associated celebrities with superheroes according to their personality fame and style.

Lucky for us, the guys at Blah magazine did and out came the “Super Powered Pakistan” series. But at least this amazing and significant customization gave us an idea that we too may have superheroes beside Mola Jutt and Gullu Butt.

“Our Brilliant graphic artists took a swig of coffee and went to work.”

Fawad Khan as Dr. Strange


“Chahay kuch bhi hojaey, mai rahunga…chahey REALITY tham jaey, mai Rahunga“.

Shan as Batman


Ben Affleck, step aside you are no longer accepted as batman. After all Shan ki shan hi alag hay.

Mahnoor Baloch as Wonder Woman


Since she’s already doing such a great job on making us wonder what anti-ageing potion she’s been using.

Ali Zafar as Nightwing


“Channo ki aankh pay mask laga hai…”

Humayun Saeed as Iron Man


Playboy, Millionaire, Philanthropist.

Check check and check.

Mahira Khan as Scarlet Witch


Dazzling and fierce, this one’s a winner. Scaret Witch is most popular among all female superheroes and so that our desi female celebrity Mahira Khan.

Mohib Mirza as Wolverine


The resting bitch face and smolder is on point.

Hamza Ali Abbasi as Superman


“Super fatwa away…” our young dynamic and talented desi celebrity Hamza Ali Abbasi dedicated with superman the most old super human among all superheroes.

Quratulain Balouch QB as Black Widow


Vocal powerhouse that can kill you and brings you back to life.

Imran Abbas as Captain America best among all superheroes


Freedom. This desi superhero always ask for freedom. not of slaves or prisoners but his own from hectic routine life of showbiz.

Sajid Hassan as Nick Fury


Fits. This one just…fits.

And could we possibly forget Pakistan’s biggest sweetheart..

Arshad Khan as Spider-man


(a personal favorite)

So, which desi superhero was your favorite among original superheroes? Leave a comment and let us know.

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