Taher Shah Leaving Pakistan after Being Threat


Taher Shah, the music icon who garnered mixed feelings through his infamous songs, recently moved abroad to an unspecified location after receiving anonymous death threats.

According to reports, unnamed people threatened the man behind “Eye to Eye” and “Mankind’s Angel” with death via phone calls. While people behind these warnings could not be identified, Shah put forward a request to authorities to provide him a safe space.

Disappointed at the officials’ dis-satisfactory response and failure to offer him security, Shah was forced to leave Pakistan to avoid the risk of getting murdered. People familiar with the matter noted that no one knows about the singer’s whereabouts or plans.

taher shah

Shah, who is usually seen sporting bright-coloured flowing clothes, coupled with untied waist-length curly hair, hasn’t made any official statement to the media or public. In fact, he has disappeared without a trace.

The flashy music icon rose to fame when he released on social media his first song “Eye to Eye,” accompanied with an amateurish music video depicting him in black and white suits, numerous sparkly lights, and a focus on his accessories, something that made audiences label him as arguably pompous.

Taking all critique as constructive criticism, Taher Shah talked about his passion on various TV shows and on his Facebook page. He is known for his extremely rhythmic poetry and simple acting.

His songs garnered so much attention that celebrities in Pakistan and neighboring countries took digs at him. Ali Zafar, Ranveer Singh, and Varun Dhawan are among the few who imitated his work in small video clips on social media.


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