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White House Official Revealed Why Did the U.S. Military Used MOAB in Afghanistan?

The U.S. military’s announcement that it dropped the “mother of all bombs,” one of the largest non-nuclear devices, against an ISIS facility in Afghanistan comes despite the U.S. assessment that only about 700 ISIS fighters remain in the country. It’s the first time the bomb has been used on the battlefield. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance […]

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America Bombed Syria to Teach Not to Bomb Anyone – Shameful American Politics

America lost war in Syria after successfully destroying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. This was first win of Russia in post-Cold War era. Russia not only failed American attempt to dislodge Bashar Ul Asad but even led the peace process bringing onboard Turkey, Iran and Syria. Frustration of America was visible to lose complete control in […]

US Citizen are Against US – Israel Friendship

Poll Revealed 46% US Citizen are Against US – Israel Friendship

The number of Americans who support imposing sanctions on Israel over its defiant settlement policies has shot up to 46 percent, the same percentage of Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election. What Trump’s new UN envoy could mean for Israel-Palestine By Samer Badawi | November 24, 2016 Senior Israeli minister: Make […]

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Criticize Donald Trump at Oscar Awards 2017

  Jimmy Kimmel stabbed Donald Trump at the Oscar Awards 2017 ceremony in his starting conversation, saying thanks to Obama: “Remember a season ago when it seemed like the Academic Awards was racist?” In a self-effacing and sarcasm-laden conversation, Kimmel, who was hosting the ceremony for the first time, began by saying how he’d learned he […]

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The Hidden Myth Between Russia, America and Donald Trump Revealed

The warm reception from the Russian president suggests relations will be friendly between the two countries, or at least the two men. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin sent congratulations to Donald Trump after he won the US Presidential election Russia’s President Vladimir Putin sent congratulations to Donald Trump after he won the US Presidential election   […]

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Donald Trump Failed to Satisfy Media Persons on Questioning

On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump had his most extensive questioning from the media since winning the election, and he answered some of the most major lingering questions about his business relationship with Russia and his views on foreign policy. He spoke to reporters at his Florida country club, Mar-a-Lago, where he has spent the holidays. […]

Kumail Nanjiani harassed by donald trump followers

Pakistani American Actor Harassed by Donald Trump Followers

Pakistani American actor Kumail Nanjiani was recently harassed by who he says were Donald Trump supporters, in California in the US. He was born in Karachi and then moved to the US when he turned 18. He is a popular stand-up comedian and actor and has been part of some much lauded projects, including The […]

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Donald Trump Was Born in Pakistan: False Claim by a Local News Channel

Donald Trump has become President of the United States of America and the whole world lost its chill. There was an uproar on social media regarding Trump’s victory and amidst all the frenzy, a local news channel broadcasted a prime-time report that the newly elected American president was born in Pakistan.   Neo News took […]

Orange is New Black – Fun Memes on US Election Results to Relief Stress

Seemingly, Donald Trump is all set to be the new president of the United States of America.  The whole world is in shock as Hilary Clinton is being badly defeated by her rival, Donald Trump according to US Election results. Of course, social media is not happy with the results and is having a field day. […]