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Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan Introduced Muslim Fashion Hijab Catalog

Lindsay Lohan is no unfamiliar person to the press. Lindsay has always been in the focus for something or the other. Recently she designed quite a swell when Lindsay was identified in a headscarf holding the Sacred Quran. Since then, everyone has been interested about what Lindsay ’s up to. And Lindsay just decreased a […]

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Tylor Swift Loves to Make Snow Globes – 13 Celebrities with Unique Hobbies

If you think that it is you who has the most unique hobbies in the world, you are sadly mistaken. Many celebrities too have unique habits which will make you feel that you know little about them. Like Tylor Swift, she loves to make snow globes and rest of others loves to do: 1- Tom […]

Pakistani Celebrities & Their Shocking Hollywood/Bollywood Look-Alikes

The mythology of doppelgangers dates back centuries and to this day it fascinates us when we come across any two individuals who look so similar that they could be the same person. So here are some look-alikes of Pakistani celebrities to fuel that fascination. While doppelgangers are generally considered “evil twins”, these doppelgangers fall more […]