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10 Positive Traits of Nawaz Sharif that PTI Lovers also Admit

Although Nawaz Sharif is no more Prime Minister Of Pakistan but here are some facts and things that will remember by him: Friendly Nature and Attitude: Nawaz Sharif the current Prime Minister of Pakistan has always proven that he is has a friendly nature. Whether he playing politically or serving being head of family he is […]

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When Go Nawaz Go Chanted Internationally – Best Video

It was hilarious when the Slogan “Go Nawaz Go” become International, it was Second ODI between Pakistan and Australia at MCG, when someone from Crowd start it and after a short time, it catches the attention of everyone and everyone started saying it “Go Nawaz Go”   Video Link:

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Nawaz Sharif Look Alike Spotted in Philippine – OMG she is Just another Nawaz Sharif  

These days the political issues of Pakistan raised so much that everyone is talking about them. The Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are main topics of discussion. While discussing on hot topics and future of Pakistan politics. We as nation are always being targeted by politicians. If we ever think why and how these politicians […]