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Kuwait Lifted Ban Over Visas for Pakistan and Promised to Launch Easy Visa Policy

After an on-going ban on visas for Pakistani people, Kuwait has lastly removed limitation after an extended time of 6 years, a state-run information organization split the information last night. The cutting-edge came after the Primary Reverend, Nawaz Sharif frequented his Kuwaiti version, Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Hamad al Sabah on Wednesday at the […]

Women Empowerment in Pakistan Is Good but We Need Best

In all cultures, women have been playing their part to assist themselves and their family members. Since the beginning, woman has been participated in growth and development of community they are living. While talking about women empowerment in Pakistan, common perception is that this trend benefits females only. Whereas, the recipients of women empowerment are […]

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Alarming Situation – Pakistan Will Not See Spring Season in Coming Years MET Report

  Islamabad Met Workplace has declared bad news for everyone, not just people of Islamabad – we may not be seeing Springtime year in Pakistan in in the future. Global heating comes with a lot of dangerous and dangerous effects, most of them will be seen by individuals living in the tropical buckle such as Pakistan. […]


The Alarming Situation – Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan Divided in to Pieces

Today when I woke up, I planned that, I will write something about how to improve the technical skills in Pakistan and how to give a boost to entrepreneurship in Pakistan. But as usual, I logged in to Facebook and start scrolling down and came across a video, After watching this video, I asked myself […]

How it Looks if Hollywood Monsters Attack Pakistan

  Cartoons are not a kids thing anymore in Pakistan. There are many adults who keenly and regularly watch cartoons and remain in cartoon theme based fantasies. The Powerpuff girls are my personal favorite cartoons. I have been watching them since long. There is always a monster who attack their town and powerpuff girls rescue […]

Rasoolpur – A Pakistani Village with 0% crime rate and 100% literacy rate

Pakistan successfully has qualified many times as one of the most dangerous countries in the world and has been unpopular for its intense terrorist activities. Even after much developments and anti-terrorists’ activities Pakistan is still categorizing as third world country. Pakistan is not even in good book of people living in western countries. To let […]