Slang Words Against PM Declared Cyber Crime – No Go Ganjay Go, Go Nawaz Go Allowed

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Government Reverend for Infomation, declared slang language and slang slogans against PM Nawaz Sharif on social media as cybercrime. While talking to media in Islamabad, Marriyum said, if anyone start or run any campaign against Prime Minster Namwaz Sharif and his family, he would be charged according to cybercrime rules and regulations. […]

iMRAN khan phateechar woopse

Imran Khan Criticized Over Calling Foreign Cricket Players ‘Phateechar’  

Pakistan is known for its hospitality throughout the world. In many areas even when an opponent comes as a visitor he is well known and handled nicely. But something that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) primary Imran Khan said in a press meeting that is being belittled by Pakistanis all around the entire world. Video of Imran […]

daniyal aziz

Nawaz Sharif Gave ‘Ministry for Barking’ to My Son – Father Daniyal Aziz

After the recent flaming speech of PMLN supporter Daniyal Aziz, his father made a humorously taunting statement. Father of Daniyal Aziz, Anwar Aziz exclaimed that Nawaz Sharif has given ministry of barking to my son. According to a video clip, Anwar Aziz called some politician complaining about Daniyal Aziz, who continuously making statements against Pakistan […]

imran khan dharna

Oye Nawaz – Imran Khan celebrating Youm e Tashakur meanwhile people are just…..

It started with OYE NAWAZ and ended on YOUM E TASHAKUR. Imran Khan the PTI leader broke many hearts. After cancellation of Lock Down Dharna in Islamabad this is how people reacting: Students and Kids Innocent students who were actually approaching new PSP games are now doing their school home works. They were expecting to […]

Capital in danger – Who is the Third Power???

Being a part of democratic nation what do you think what Pakistani nation is doing. We are living in a state where democracy is being given for the welfare of nation. In the current political situation, when an opposition political party making loud protest against federal government. Who is get welfare environment and satisfying living??? […]

sheikh rasheed trolling

Sheikh Rasheed once again led himself Trolled over Acting as Rapper

There is no surprise that people love Sheikh Rasheed, are you surprised??? Yes, I am talking about workers of Lal Haweli, they love Sheikh Rasheed so much but after that dramatic entry of Sheikh Saab and that cigar ‘suta’ on DNC media van has created my laughter. Might this act of Sheikh Saab be done […]

imran khan

Is Imran Khan arrested?Know more about future of PTI leader Imran Khan

Police and Federal Constabulary (FC) has put road blocks outside the residence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan in Islamabad, tv media reported. As many as six buses of the police and FC arrived at the party leader’s residence in the wee hours of Friday, according to the police sources. It is expected that he […]