Tug of war Pakistan politics – Dharnay Walla vs Panama Walla

There is a very famous proverb we use in Urdu language,

‘Jis ki lathi uski bhains’ meaning ‘Might is Right’

This proverb always came in my mind whenever I read, search and configure about Imran Khan yelling over panama leaks. The sporting legend and chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has been accusing Nawaz Sharif since his and his family appeared in list of people, who had made foreign assets through offshore companies. The Panama leaks was a worldwide scandal in which many politicians, celebrities and business tycoons were listed.

Never than less, almost more than 400 Pakistani people were also listed in Panama record. Imran Khan who was yelling over rigging in election of 2013 got another target to allege Prime Minister of Pakistan. I think I am getting biased here but things are very clear and significant. Imran Khan who was the coming hero of Pakistan when defeated by PLMN couldn’t make t to accept his defeat.


He was holding a huge fan following and supporters, the defeat was not expected. Still he lost it and gone in to grass. Since there he is organizing continuous sittings and protests. I mean even after getting a provincial government why Iman Khan still wanted to have electoral opening.

Is he really capable of diagnosing rigging in national elections, corruption against Pakistan’s biggest business family? Lame is lame, politics is lame. But politics of Pakistan it is going really funny. It’s nothing but just a lust of KURSI, yeah that kursi, that post of prime minister is everything that everyone wants. Top contestants of this mellow drama of playing Pak Politics thug of war is Imran Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Imran Khan the Dharnay Walla:

Whenever I talk about Imran Khan with his supporters I always get one reply. His vision is actually Pakistan’s need. Is Imran Khan really doing something beneficial for country. He is grabbing nation’s attention through rallies and protests. Why these protests for??? Are they providing economical aid or development for country? Are these rallies really beneficial for the development of youth and Pakistan? no I personally think its nothing but just a drama going to be on aired again on 2nd November 2016. The past is again coming.  Remembered that 125 days long protest including two Eid events were ended without any conclusion without any favor, without any positive result.


 Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and Imran Khan who claim to “love” the country a little too much seem to be of the opinion that their “love” needs to be expressed through various inconvenient forms. They think that connecting with the people via rallies to either protest or commemorate an incident is the perfect way to do so. Hence, they with collaboration of other political parties urge their supporters to come out in large numbers and give them a chance to express their devotion to them.

Present situation no different. Various parts of the city were blocked because one particular political party wished to commemorate the death of its followers through a rally. Blockades were placed across the city to ensure secure and safe passage for the rally. It was Sunday; people might have had plans to visit their relatives, go out with their families or maybe just drive out to relax with their friends over lunch or dinner. But who cares? There are various universities which have exams and classes scheduled on Sundays, but come on, exams are not important, are they?  There might have been a person injured or critically ill, who needed to reach the hospital urgently, but so what, they must have SOMEHOW managed to reach the hospital and if they didn’t, who cares? Just another dead person in a morally dead country, right? The rally was and always will be more important and won’t be much of a success unless it is being inconvenient as possible for the people.

Prime Minister of Pakistan the Panama Walla – Sharif Family:

No I am not in favor of Prime Minister, the Ganja brothers or Sharif family. I am here just to recall the so called revolutionary dharna attempted before to get corrupt politicians into jail. After rigging in elections Imran got another valid point to accuse Nawaz Sharif for Panama leaks. The family has declared to be holding vast foreign assets. Crime is crime and yes having that 4 offshore companies, apartments, huge business shares in world top companies are questionable. Moreover, the lifestyle of Sharif family is also let them to be questioned about their sources of income. Why they are politics when they cant make things go in favor of them.


Why Imran Khan is allowed to yell against them. There is something, Imran Khan is not only a political rival opposition party. He is right in questioning Sharif family. But as I mentioned about, Might is always Right. The probe to panama is currently under supreme courts supervision. So the upcoming grand dharna of Imran Khan seems totally meaning less and unproductive. We as nation never wanted to have corrupt politicians dance over our heads but Imran Khan should do something in our favor not for taking Prime Minister post.

Stop fooling nation, Panama Walla and Dharna Walla:


Being a common citizen of Pakistan I want all Pakistani politicians to stop playing tug of war. Let us live and work for our benefit. Give us for what we pay taxes. None of you is productive none of you is actually working of Pakistan. The Panama walla show few non-beneficial infrastructures to pull nation in their curt. While Imran khan the dharany walla unover corruptions of Nawaz Sharif and his family and pull nation in his court.

These politicians are not doing anything but just using nation as rope used to play tug of war.

Post Author: Farrukh Saeed

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