Tylor Swift Loves to Make Snow Globes – 13 Celebrities with Unique Hobbies

If you think that it is you who has the most unique hobbies in the world, you are sadly mistaken. Many celebrities too have unique habits which will make you feel that you know little about them. Like Tylor Swift, she loves to make snow globes and rest of others loves to do:

1- Tom Cruise

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies

Tom Cruise loves fencing and has been able to introduce the same to David Beckham and Will Smith. He even has a dedicated room for the same.

2- Angelina Jolie

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies

She has been collecting Draggers since she was a child. Her love for draggers can be gauged from the fact that she has introduced her son to dragger collection.

3- Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies-woopse

Leonardo has interest in collection of action figures. He has a great collection of “He-Man” and “Star War” action figures. To overcome the stress prior to Oscars, Leonardo took to bee collection.

4- Paris Hilton

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Paris Hilton has an unusual hobby of chasing, catching, encasing and then releasing frogs in the open.

5- Claudia Schiffer

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Claudia has unique love for bugs. She also loves to frame dried insects and has an interest in spiders.

6- Taylor Swift

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Taylor loves to make snow globes. Interestingly, she released pictures of her collection on Facebook and it was appreciated widely. A talented snow globe maker, Taylor Swift is uniquely admired for this innovative hobby.

7- Johnny Depp

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Johnny Depp has an unusual hobby of collecting dolls. The hobby is not only limited to collection of dolls but Johnny Depp also loves playing with these dolls. Incidentally, Johnny Depp also likes collecting pig skeletons. This hobby however is not liked by many.

8- George Lucas

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

George Lucas has special love for animals. He can often be seen in the park tending to squirrels. You will find him feeding squirrels. Not only this, he can be seen chasing squirrels too.

9- David Arquette

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

David Arquette loves knitting. He knitted one pair of socks for his young daughter Coco.

10- Justin Bieber

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Justin Bieber is a Math wizard. Justin can solve a Rubiks cube in less than 2 minutes.

11- Kristen Stewart

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Kristen Stewart loves to Juggle. Once Robert Pattinson convinced her to Juggle at MTV movie awards.

12- Bob Barker

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Bob Barker is known to be a fitness freak and that is Bob’s hobby too. Bob learnt karate for 8 years and has trained under Chuck Norris.

13- Conan O’Brien

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies woopse

Conan O’Brien loved dancing and took professional lessons to perfect the skills in the same. This helped Conan to establish his hold in the entertainment industry.

Celebrities with Unique Hobbies


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