Wedding Pictures of Mahira Khan

Gorgeous lady of Asia, VJ Mahira respects her family members very much because they are very supporting and caring. She got married with Ali Askari who is also serving Pakistan’s showbiz industry for many years.

mahira khan wedding pics

She completed her graduation from a famous and top college of Karachi and went abroad for higher studies.  There she took admission in a top University of California but because of some personal problems she did not complete that. The shocking thing about actress Mahira Khan is when she was in LOS Angeles College.  She also did some odd jobs like a cashier at Rite Aid, cleaning implements, shutting the stores at night. Whenever she remembers those struggling days she laughs a lot.

mahira khan wedding pics


Ali Askari proposed her in the mid of her new job as a VJ on MTV. The 21 years old beautiful lady replied “yes”.



Reason of their Separation

we don’t know it’s true or not but some close people told these stories


mahira khan wedding pics


She separated from ali in 2013 he wanted divorce as he told her to give the family some time but she wanted to pursue her career and moved to her mother’s house when he told her its him or the career. Since azlans birth ali had been feeding cleaning changing diapers and educating the child putting him to good school while mahira always said she will give them time but always was busy with her shoots.


mahira khan wedding pics

There was no understanding or compromise between them. Ali was the one who supported and encouraged her to work in media he even got her the first gig as VJ in MTV where he was interning by pulling some strings and introduced her to the ‘happening crowd’ as he is well connected due to his rich family.

mahira khan wedding pics

However, its speculated both have separated but dont openly declare it to protect Azlaan and are humble to each other for the child’s sake. Also Ali considers it his responsibility to protect the mother of his child hence he did not want it to be made public.

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