When a female news reporter slapped by police cop

In a nation where pestering, respect and sexual assault are becoming subjects of advised conversation among political figures, activists, feminist sectors and the common man, one may think that we are advancing towards the right monitor.

It was only lately that the nation party in jubilation after an unforgivable loophole was eliminated. In regulation for respect eliminating situations creating prison time compulsory for criminals. However, marketplace might be put to evaluate prior to what we all expect.

A video appeared over the internet today. This video show how a female press reporter slapped by a local police person on air.


A press reporter for K21 channel, Saima Kanwal, is seen cornering for people. She was telling that local police personnel seems like manhandling and bad behavior with the women present at FC. An unverified resource revealed this bit of information:

“Well, he is a knight (Lance Naik) from Frontier Constabulary, which is a paramilitary power like Ranger.

The way the core was invoking him by creating a movie for her route was not sensible at all. The programs should stick to a tight Rule of Perform.

The knight will definitely be eliminated. He may also get an Extensive Imprisonment. He shouldn’t have missing his tolerance.”

People who have come upon this unusual video have the following reactions:




While conventional press employees must train to prevent switching a simple news review into a wait, in no way does this legitimize the uniformed police officer’s unnecessary reaction.

saima-kanwal-news-reporter  saima-knwal-k21

This is it of the occurrence that was put up by Fayyaz Younis, a press reporter at a personal TV channel:

saima-knwal news-anchor

The video can be seen here 

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