Who Killed Russian Ambassador in Turkey? And Why? An Untold Story

Well, if you have not recognized the solutions to those questions by now, then I am sorry to notify you that you have not been paying enough attention to what is being conducted in the Center Eastern first and foremost, what is about to happen on the globe. And mind you, before you leap in enjoyment to get that you know the solutions, allow me to impress you that I did not use the term “know”. I used the term, “understood”. There is a difference.

After Second Globe War, NATO was created by the western nations, to protect Western countries from an all-out intrusion by USSR. But after fall of USSR, there was no need of such an expensive and large massive organization for Western countries. The only sensible step would have been to complete the company or at least restrict its existence.


Rather NATO was improved many creases by including more Western countries and angles into the company. Have you ever thought why? What was the risk to Europe? Why someone is still keeping or even raising the most effective military on this planet and that too in the overall lack of any concrete risk from any country whatsoever?

The solutions lie in the unseen war of your battled almost in every country right now. Do you know that Russian federation has the greatest known gas supplies on the globe, second greatest fossil fuel sources and 8th greatest “known” oil sources in this world?

Those were researched sources. In untouched classification, Western oil supplies even combination Saudi Arabia’s. And let me also add that Russian federation has the greatest known and unidentified sources of clean and fresh water.

Yes, clean normal water, which is reducing quick from the world and in future when the Globe Conflicts will be battled over dinking water. Russian federation will be the new Center Eastern around the globe.

So, Russian federation is the natural and the nearest provider of you to Western countries for generations to come. Which means that the Western countries, which is the greatest power industry on the globe, is associated with Russian federation and its increasing organizations. Seems like a bad news to United states oil leaders. So People in America right after downfall of USSR became came up with an intend to flourish NATO and it’s angles around the Western empowering body. But that was not usable without developing an alternative for the Western power industry. Here came the Center Eastern as a solution. And here came the Al Qaeda, the War in Iraq, the ISIS and the destabilization of Libya and Syria. The program was simple. Control the sources of Center Eastern and then the United states organizations will sell them to Western countries. As it is occurring right now.

The party was going excellent, especially when the western took Ukraine from the Western impact and the Western plans to combination it’s sewer lines through Ukraine were put to rest permanently. But something occurred in 2014 in Turkey. On a state visit to Turkey the Western Chief executive Vladimir Putin declared a gas direction to Western countries through Turkey called as “The Turkish Stream”. That was a big strike to the experts of NATO who were not anticipating that the Soviets will obtain an entrance to Western countries through one of its most important members. Then came the problems of the Western martial artist jet SU-24 being taken down by the Turkish Air Power. The jet was supposedly breaking the Turkish Air Space which the Soviets increasingly declined doing.

Guess from where that caution came? It came from the NATO platform in Incirlik, Turkey. Most significant NATO angles on the globe. Stress between Turkey and Russian federation went so high that there was a risk of an all-out war. The Turkish Flow venture passed away down for sure. But the abilities were still very much doubtful of Erdogan. He was getting to separate in many areas. He was also developing problems with the People in America on providing hands and assisting the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. Because that was making a massive problem in Turkish Kurdistan. A “favorable” govt in Turkey was needed more than ever. And here they dedicated the mistake of the Turkish Hen house to overthrow Erdogan from power.

Now it has been shown beyond question that the Soviets were assisting Erdogan all the way along. Two days before the coup started, authorities of the Western intellect organization (FSB) met with Erdogan’s personal helps in Turkey. After the coup was killed, Erdogan exclusively frequented Russian federation and thanked the Western Chief executive. Regards between the two countries were quick enhancing and The Turkish Flow venture became in existence once again. Just two months back in October 2016 the work was formally finalized between the two countries. And now instantly we have Andrey Karlov, an inactive Western diplomat on our hands in Turkey. Who was important in the direction deal.

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